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Signature Dark
Product code : DCvFS1
A fine bitter sweet balance enhanced through the richness of the cocoa butter – anods dark couverture exhibits the smooth and refined temperament of chocolatey goodness!
Signature Milk
Product code : MCvFS
Blended chocolate goodness of silky smooth texture – Anods milk couverture combines high quality cocoa with the creamiest of milk; encapsulating the richness of the Anods range of chocolate.
Signature White
Product code : WCmFS
The smoothness of cocoa butter with the creamiest milk creates a mild chocolate aroma that blends the Anods white couverture range to perfection.
Signature Assortment
Product code : XCvFS
The Anods signature range is a selection of couverture chocolates, ranging from creamy white to the finest dark, to satisfy the souls of chocolate lovers!

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