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Fat bloom and Sugar Bloom

Fat Bloom

During storage, a soft white colour layer will appear on the surface of the chocolate.  This is known as fat bloom. This process is a natural phenomenon that occurs with chocolate and since Anods Chocolate does not use any chemicals to slow down or hide this phenomenon, you may see this in our chocolate. Fat bloom does not mean the chocolate is not suitable for consumption. However, if fat bloom is apparent in couverture chocolate, you have to temper it again. If properly stored, fat bloom can be slowed down. Changing of the storage temperatures will increase the speed of fat bloom. We recommend 20C storage temperature.  

Sugar Bloom

When the chocolate comes into contact with moisture, the moisture dissolves the sugar in the chocolate. And when the water evaporates, the sugar recrystallizes into sandpaper-like rough irregular crystals. Therefore special attention should be given to the humidity of the storage area as well. In order to prevent sugar blooms, keep the chocolate away from moisture and try to keep the temperature constant throughout without any sudden temperature changes. If you keep the chocolate in a refrigerator keep it sealed. 


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