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Storing Chocolate
  • Don't let your chocolate to be kept in stores for a long period of time. Follow the FIFO (First In/First Out) principle. 
  • Store the chocolate between 18 – 20 ºC. Higher than 20ºC will cause the chocolate to develop fat bloom more rapidly. Keep a constant temperature throughout to reduce the sugar bloom formation. 
  • Anods chocolates contain very little moisture. This not only increases the shelf life, but it also reduces the possibility of sugar bloom. However, chocolates readily absorb moisture from the environment. Therefore chocolate should be stored in a humidity of less than 60%.
  • Chocolate also readily absorb the odours from the environment. Keep the chocolate away from odours to preserve the original taste. 
  • Increased exposure to light and air causes the chocolate to oxidize quickly. It is best to use the chocolate as soon as possible after the seal is broken. White chocolate is more susceptible to this oxidation. 
  • Keep away from pests. 

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