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What has stood the test of time in my confectionery career which spans over decades is my yearning to always dare to be different. When I started my career at a very young age of 18 in the confectionery industry, the first and foremost important lesson learnt was that we need to always think from the customer's perspective and work side by side with the customers in achieving a win-win scenario for all stakeholders. That is to me is sustainable development.

Anods Cocoa is completely focused on quality to the extent we are committed to providing a product that we will buy for our own children. We have invested in R&D, so that every advantage reaped in production and pricing could be passed on to the customer. We have put together a team who looks forward to work tirelessly with you in converting your dreams and into reality.

Our facilities have been raised whilst diligently preserving the greenery and the environment around the factory. As aforementioned Anods Cocoa firmly believe in sustainable development and we are committed to building an eco-friendly company.

We look forward to realizing your chocolate dreams and most importantly. Let's enjoy chocolate.


Deshamanya Don Lukshman Weerasuriya

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