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Anods premium quality chocolate buttons are available with a choice of Milk, Dark and White. Buttons are easier to melt than blocks and have the advantage of melting in small quantities as and when required. Chocolate buttons can be used for decoration purpose for cakes, muffins and Ice cream. This can also be used for Ganache and coating of cakes and other bakery items.
Anods Cocoa offer a wide range of chocolate chips made with premium quality raw materials to ensure the highest standard of quality. Chocolate chips are used for decoration purposes or in baked products such as cookies, waffles, cakes, muffins etc… They are also found in many other retail food products such as granola bars,
Choco Sticks are perfect for chocolate croissants and decorations.
In our Slabs range we offer a premium quality product to satisfy specific needs of our customers. This range consists of Dark, Milk and White in couverture as well as compound chocolate.Slabs can be used for any application as they can be melted, shaved or grated depending on the requirement
Signature Range
Indulge yourself. Enjoy our couverture chocolate shapes range without any added preservatives. Available in Dark, milk, white and mix packs
Sensations Range
Anods Sensations, indulge yourself. Enjoy our compound choco shapes range without any added preservatives. Available in Dark, milk, white and mix packs
Puredale Products
Quality dairy related products
Puredale Nature's Crest Products
Agricultural Exports
Coming Soon
Ice Cream Coating
Anods Cocoa produces a high quality Ice Cream Coating in both Milk, Dark and white chocolate. Our Ice Cream Coating are suitable for all types of coating methods that are currently being used in the ice cream industry. I.e. Dipping, Enrobing and Spraying
Cream Filling
Anods cocoa cream fillings are perfect for fillings for sandwich biscuits. Available in dark mik and white
Bakestable filling
Anods Cocoa’s Bake Stable chocolate is one of the latest innovations from the R&D team. Not only it is packed with flavour but also developed to resist oven temperatures. The unique characteristic of this product is that it maintains it’s soft texture and runny properties even after being exposed to high heat. When filled into a biscuit the chocolate centre of the biscuit will remain liquid providing an experience of a chocolate burst in the mouth of the consumer.

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