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Anods Green Initiative
Anods green initiative focuses on reducing plastic usage as well as recycling paper materials
Anods Poson Dansala 2018
We follow the Buddhist tradition of giving
Maskeliya Luccombe School
Anods have joined hands with Piyawara CSR Unity to assist 90 students of Maskeliya Luccombe School with much needed school stationery and equipment (and ofcourse a chocolate treat).
Ranwala Alms Giving
We follow the Buddhist tradition of giving
Anods School Programmes
Anods welcomes students for educational programmes and projects
Anods Poson Dansala 2019
We follow the Buddhist tradition of giving
Blood Donation Program 2021
Team Anods Cocoa launched a blood donation program on 25th of May 2021
Joining hands with Sirasa Gammadda for a drinking water project 2021
A drinking water project was conducted to empower our own rural communities living amidst tremendous hardship in their daily lives

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